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Born in Caldas da Rainha in 1975
Graduated as a teacher of Physical Education in 2000 and completed his post-degree studies in Health and Exercise in 2003, Pedro is passionate with exercise and human body movement since young age and with five years hold he began playing roller hockey, going on to develop a lifelong career in that sport.

Since his graduation he worked as a school teacher, hockey coach, swim instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer and body movement therapist.

From 2014 to 2017 he went to work as personal and group trainer in South Africa where learned and helped to develop the Seven Star Energy Centre training philosophy, based in breathing, balance, mobility, stability, movement, strength and mindfulness. He is also the Co-Founder of the mobile App JAMM (Just a Mindful Minute).

Concerned with the implications of unhealthy lifestyles habits and the growing problems and injuries associated, he is now focusing his work on helping people with movement restrictions, musculoskeletal compensations, tensions, body imbalances and healthy weight loss, in order to share how people can become healthier and less stressed.

Body Movement Therapist

Individual Session focused on Body alignment, body decompression, movement restrictions, back pain and healthy weight loss.

Fitness Group Classes


High Intensity Interval Training – High/Low intensive conditioning exercises.


16.15 – 17.15


Movement Flow – Based in primal and animal movements.


16.15 – 17.15


Glutes/Abs/Legs– Localized muscles workout.


16.15 – 17.15


Body Decompression– working with tennis balls and small blocks, this session will give you effective tips to self-decompress your body.

Only upon request

4 Days Omassim Wake Up – 45 minutes sessions at 7am combining jogging with breathing, balance, core and stretching exercises.

Personal Training for 1 Person

Prices 60min

Private Session
Pack - 3 Sessions

Personal Training for 2 Person

Prices 60min

Private Session
Pack - 3 Sessions

Special Packs

Healthy Back Care – 3 Private Sessions with body alignment, back mobility and back care tips and exercises.
Healthy Weight Loss Pack – 3 Private Sessions with aerobic exercises, interval training and safety exercises.


Prices 60min

Healthy Back Care
Healthy Weight Loss

Possibility of 3 month workout planning and skype follow up!


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