OMASSIM | Bed & Yoga & Veggie & Surf
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Combination of yoga and surfing

The benefits that yoga can have on surfing are far-reaching, whether it’s through strength, balance, flexibility, or breathing techniques. On a physical level, yoga provides important pre-board stretches and allows the body to recover faster from the surf sessions. Joints become warmer and are opened, helping you to improve your flexibility, stability, and energy. Learning how to breathe and clear your mind will help you to stay calm and relaxed and to tighten your focus, catching your best wave ever.


Yogis can also get benefit from surfing. Surfing is feeling as one with nature, feeling, and breathing with the ocean, connecting in deep respect to ride your wave in harmony. You may experience a new level of focus and intensity through surfing – there`s no reason to not give it a try.


Please contact us and we can further discuss how we can cater for your needs.


7 breakfast, 5 lunch as buffet and 5 dinner as buffet. We use good quality seasonal, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, “cooking and eating are an art”.


surfing classes including wetsuit, transportation, board, insurance.


5 morning vinyasa flow yoga classes & 5 evening restorative, soft flow or yin yoga classes


This package is available all year round.

  • Low season 1person

  • 4957 nights
    • in a shared 5-bed room
    • Low season: 16 set / 31 jun

  • Low season 2persons

  • 10607 nights
    • sharing a 2-bed room
    • Low season: 16 set / 31 jun

  • High season 1person

  • 5457 nights
    • in a shared 5-bed room
    • High season: 1 jul / 15 set

  • High season 2persons

  • 11657 nights
    • sharing a 2-bed room
    • High season: 1 jul / 15 set