OMASSIM - Yoga & Surf | Rooms
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Sleeps 12 people, in shared 2 bed, 3 bed and 5 bed rooms
Dining Room – where you can enjoy our tasty vegetarian meals Fitness room – to burn off the calories, equipped with bicycle, rowing machine, elliptical machine, kettlebells, skipping rope, boxing sac, and more

Rooms: Norte, Sul, Este e Oeste


Sleeps 10 people, in shared 2 bed and 3 bed rooms
Living Room – with a selection of books, including novels, yoga & food
Yoga Shala – to practice and enjoy your Yoga and Meditation Classes
Swimming Pool & Garden – to soak up the sun and cool off in the crispy cool water
Wellness Temple – to treat your heart, body and soul with our wonderful massages

Rooms: Golfinho, Pinguim, Baleia e Ouriço


Sleeps 7 people, in shared 2 bed and 3 bed rooms

A typical Portuguese house with a big garden , displaying loungers and hammocks
Just 5 minutes walk from the white and blue houses where all the activity take place, which makes this a more private and cozy home


Vegetable plantation – circle of giving and receiving – planting, growing, eating, composting, planting…
Sweat Lodge – Ceremony of Purification, Renovation and Rejuvenation
Tipi – Temple of contemplation, meetings, sharing
Dance Ritual – Dance the 4 Elements – a Ritual of Celebrating life – Movement, Breath, Body