OMASSIM | Fresh Juice Cleanse & Yoga Retreat Week
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Many of us lead busy lifestyles, leaving no time for treating our body right, making us feel bloated and sluggish. During this retreat you will learn various techniques regarding food, fitness and relaxation that take very little time but reap maximum benefits, whether you are looking to maintain your weight, energy and/or sanity whilst working and living the “modern” lifestyle.

During our retreat you will enjoy our home-made, freshly squeezed juices 3 times a day and a delicious nourishing and heartwarming soup in the evening, helping your body to detox. In combination with our Yoga and Meditation classes, you are going to reboot on all levels.

You will leave the retreat with a better understanding of the interaction between nutrition, yoga and well-being and make a lot of new friends!


Packages from 515€/ person (in a shared bed-room).
Flights not included.

Please check in with us for upcoming dates!