OMASSIM - Yoga & Surf | Sridaiva Yoga Retreat Week
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In the basic alignment of Sridaiva Yoga, the “bowspring”, we keep (or remodel) the natural and aesthetic double-s-curve of the spine and enable a liberating breathing through a thorax that is open to all sides.


With Sidraiva we will regain the natural functions of every little part of our body. Not single muscles but the entire fasciae trains of our body will work together. Thereby we can rebuild especially the muscles of the lower back (lumbar spine) and the buttocks (gluteus) which are often neglected by our western bent seating habits.


Already after your first Sridaiva lesson, you will sense that your body moves more natural, smooth and light as a feather. With Sridaiva you will get back your natural body curves and well formed muscels on your whole body.


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ONLY FROM 18th JUNE – 25th JUNE 2017.

with Pawel and Elisa


Prices coming soon!For more room options,
please contact us! Flights are not included

  • 1 person

  • 7Nights
    • In a shared 5 – bed room

  • 1 person

  • 7Nights
    • In a shared 5 – bed room (including Surf)