OMASSIM - Yoga & Surf | Sweatlodge Keeper Training with Eva Meier Bear
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For women and men who like to learn to lead a ceremony and be of service for others through the Sacred Sweatlodge. Also welcome are people who feel to surrender to a deep cleansing and transformation process of healing, growth and awareness.


After the training students are able to generate their personal creative art to express their own individual style of Sweatlodge Ceremony, in tune with their spiritual allies and in order to serve the benefit for the Circle of life.


Students get a certificate of the training.


More than 25 years ago Eva was initiated by a Lakota Medicine Woman into the Sweatlodge Ceremony. Through many years she prayed in the Sacred Womb of Mother Earth with Sweatlodge Leaders of different traditions and learned to discover her path of being a Sweatlodge Keeper.

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