OMASSIM - Yoga & Surf | Ericeira Surf
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Ericeira World Surf Reserve invites you to experience world class waves – as a beginner as well as intermediate and advanced Surfer. Our partner

Ericeira Surf School provides Surf classes for every level in separated groups. The Surf courses are specifically designed for your level of surfing, combining theory and practice in the most effective way always taking care of safety, having loads of fun! As a complete beginner you will learn how to surf from the start. Well-experienced surfers will get the chance to perfect their surfing techniques, progress and take your surfing to the next level!



All equipment (wetsuit, board, booties) will be provided. Transportation and Insurance is included in the price.

Schedule & Price

Everyday depending on sea condition


1 surfing class: 40 Euro

5 Classes: 170 Euro

10 classes: 320 Euro