OMASSIM - Yoga & Surf | Ericeira Yoga
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Yoga is for everyone, so you do not need to be in top form. Each class includes the practice of pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (seat, posture) and savasana (relaxation at the end of the class). The morning classes will be the Vinyasa Flow, a gentle practice of Hatha yoga which focuses on the synchronization of the breath (prana) with the postures (asanas). The evening classes are essentially unwinding and restful. The practice is a soft flow with elements of restorative and yin yoga.


Vinyasa Flow is a gentle practice of HathaYoga which focuses on the synchronization of the breath (prana) with the postures (asanas). It is a dance of the Asanas always in connection with breathing to calm the mind. Let the breath be your guide to liberate your mind and increase your inner peace, harmony, love and joy.

Practicing Yoga will help to harmonize the nervous system, increase the awareness of body, improve the sense of balance of body and mind, strengthens the lymphatic system and is a fantastic invigorating practice to start your day and for all surfers: to prepare for your surf!
Our Evening Yoga classes are essentially calming, restful, and integrative. In the evening yoga we practice to the rhythm of the yin yoga, restorative or a soft flow to unwind, stretch after an active and fulfilling day.



8.00 Vinyasa Flow (75 min)

17.30 meditation (30 min) – please check in about time!​

18.15 evening yoga (75 min) – please check in about time!​

If you are staying nearby and you would like to join – please check in with us – spaces in the Yoga Shala are limited!​

Please highlight – YOGA ONLINE via Zoom APP!​


08:00am (Portuguese time) Easy Vinyasa Flow ONLINE YOGA with Lia (75 min) ​


Download the Zoom APP on your mobile phone, Tablet or Computer and enjoy a LIA-Like Yoga Class. We are happy to offer these classes for FREE – EVERY DONATION available for you is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED as the business faces intense times. If you are in a similar situation – please feel free to join the omassim family. Please help us to get the word out – share it with your friends & family!
Looking forward to see you on the screen on your mat!!​


If you leave your video on I can try to support you in your practice… – if you would like (-:​


Join Zoom Meeting​​

Meeting ID: 621 400 6704​

Password: 2Qrrg9​


Drop in: 10 Euro

Pack of 5 classes: 40 Euro

Pack of 10 classes: 70 Euro


Special for residents:
try your first class for class free!

1 month unlimited classes: 45 Euro