OMASSIM - Yoga & Surf | Rooms
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Sleeps (8 people, in private 2 bed room (twin or double bed), private bathroom in hall way

Living Room – with a selection of books, including novels, yoga & food

Yoga Shala – to practice and enjoy your Yoga and Meditation Classes

Swimming Pool & Garden – to soak up the sun and cool off in the crispy cool water

Wellness Temple – to treat your heart, body and soul with our wonderful massages, tea kitchen


This is our exciting news for this season!We have already been working to establish the beautiful garden during the last season and over the winter we renovated the house completely!
Sleeps (12 people, in 3 bed room (sea view, private bathroom in hallway), 4 bed room (terrace, sea view, private bathroom in hallway), 5 bed room (balcony, camp side view, 2 bathrooms in the room).
commercial kitchen – continuation to provide you with the high quality gourmet meals (veggie)
dining area – feast on our delicious buffet in our cozy and spacious dining area
patio – out door sitting area to enjoy the fresh breeze of the atlantic ocean
garden – relax and soak up the sun in a quite residential area


Vegetable plantation – circle of giving and receiving – planting, growing, eating, composting, planting…
Sweat Lodge – Ceremony of Purification, Renovation and Rejuvenation
Tipi – Temple of contemplation, meetings, sharing
Platform for Aerial-Yoga – a new Yoga style to play with gravity using a silk to support you in your postures.